The Projects

I like to play around with websites on the Internet (with a big 'I'), and I figured that it would make some sense to have a single listing of the various sites I run for anyone interested. I love the spirit of the Old Web™ where anyone could (and frequently did!) carve out their own corner of cyberspace and put up something. Not because they thought that they might make a million dollars, but because they wanted to share something with the world. These sites are my attempt at keeping that spirit alive.

Unless noted, all of these sites are done by me and by hand. This helps keep my costs down, which is great since I'm subsidizing the whole operation out of my own pocket. That also means that I have the freedom to do what I want when I want and how I want.

That also means that if you see something you're interested in following for some reason, it can be hard to know which project (if any) I decided to update. I have provided RSS feeds in the places it made sense to do so. Feel free to subscribe.

Current projects

Dormant Projects

Social Media

Social media has a lot of problems. I prefer to use things like IRC and email and bulletin boards, but I also recognize that I sometimes live in the real world and that means that for some of the people in my circles, social media is the only reliable way I have to contact them.


I don't usually put my email address right in plain sight on web pages because that's an invitation to get lots of spam. But if you really wanted to email me for some reason, you can email me You'll have to figure out what to put in front of the @, but you're pretty smart. I bet you can do it.